Digital art continues to blow my mind, to see how far it has come is absolutely amazing. This being said because Shrouded Playground has some of the most interesting artwork that I have seen in the how NFT space in my opinion of course. If you get the chance you should take some time to go take a look into their artwork. They are a very mysterious project which I like a lot simply because thats how I tend to be with my artwork so it relatable. Down below you will find the links to their work via twitter and discord, so enjoy.

Twitter – @ShroudedNFT
Discord –

With this podcast I aim to help as many people understand crypto, the metaverse, health, NFTs and spirituality aka wake up my people in America. While having fun streaming games and music. Thank you for watching, I love and appreciate you. I am grateful for this opportunity.
Music by Boxcutter BiLL
Beat by Justdan

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