Sharing my first 2020-21 Panini NFT Blockchain Prizm NBA Silver Parallel Packs Opening

11 Reason why NFT will be the next big Thing in my humble opinion

1. We are already using it like for games of dota, mobile legend people are buying skins for the games.

2. Hassle free in terms of selling and buying. You can sell and buy at your convenience any time.

3. The hassle of Grading for cards are eliminated.

4. It’s Human nature to collect even if its physical or digital(NFT).

5. This is the space (NFT) that will change a lot of people lives. BTC already did!!

6. No one can counterfeit your NFT as this is powered by blockchain!

7. Topshot successfully launched and the community is growing monthly. Big platform as well.

8. We can share (flex to other people digitally) our NFT.

9. Manifestation of our lives, scarcity, supply and demand, trading and we are living now on digital world.

10. Digitalization of everything in our society, BTC, ETH social currency etc.

11. People are already playing AXIE NFT games etc.!

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