Good Morning Degens! Thanks for tuning in to the Monday, January 10th edition of the AM Morning Show! What a weekend it was, with some of the craziest trading action we’ve *ever* seen on record OpenSea Volume. If you liked our show, please make sure to hit the subscribe button!

@FreeMrktCptlst and @R2Degen have a packed show for you today including the following!

– Full NFT Bull Run! OpenSea has seen over $2b in volume in the first week of January include a mammoth Saturday!
-Is Binance’s CZ the worlds richest man? Could be!
-Sarcophagus DAO launches its dead mans switch for Crypto Wallets
-Travis Barker apes into the Bored Ape Yacht Club
-Matt Damon feels the heat for starring in a advertisement.
-Is the Superbowl potential the escape velocity moment NFT’s need? Rumor has it Eminem and Snoop Dogg will be featuring their jpegs at the halftime show.
-Is Opensea in trouble? The marketplace looks to take market share from the NFT giant.
-$LOOKS token has been a spectacular airdrop for NFT participants, did you sell yours or are you Hodling?
-Alien Frens reaches above 4eth, Little Lemon Friends hits 1.25e, Coolmans Universe flirts with 2 eth.
-Hunger Brainz delays drop by a day but looks to be the pre-eminent drop of the week/
-Jay Chou’s Phantabears has gone absolutely bananas as it hits a nearly 6eth floor!
-Illuminati NFT reveal on the weekend!

Thanks for tuning in!

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