The new DeFiChain Jellyfish Coins NFT collection dropped today.
These NFTs are not just NFTs, they also earn you passive income in DFI-token by simply holding them.

Each of the NFTs costs 50 DFI/0.1 ETH and can be bought through opensea here:
(for DFI payments please send me a dm on my socials)

DeFiChainNFTs is a community project at DeFiChain – creating NFTs for the DeFiChain community.




Telegram group (eng):

Telegram group (ger):


Opensea NFT account:

DeFiChain Jellyfishies NFT collection:

DeFiChain Jelly Punks:

DeFiChain Jelly Club:

DeFiChain Jellyfish Icon:

DeFiChain Jellyfish2Moon:

DeFiChain Logo:

DeFiChain Jellyfish Tanks (cashflow):

DFX Christmas Edition:

DeFiChain Jellyfish (cashflow):

DeFiChain Jellyfish Club (cashflow):

DeFiChain Jellyfish Coins (cashflow):

Don’t miss out on my 2x weekly NFT giveaways 🙂
Have a nice day!

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