From of a series of collaborations with visual artists. Together, we realise responses from imagined NFT pieces invented by our own twitter bot.

The bot outlines the parameters of the A.I. imagined NFT piece, it dictates the visual scene and the music, which is then created by the artists (humans).

🤖This tweet was:

NFT Art idea: Mark Cuban in a Superman suit at the last supper. Set to a soundtrack of minimalist nerdcore. As a 8-bit render. Made with Flash & Virtual Piano. Probably sell for 0.035 $BNB. #NFT #NFTs #NFTconcept #NFTart #NFTaudio

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NFT Limited Edition of 10



My names Mark Cuban, I’m tell u I don’t wanna loose man
a billionaire philanthropist but not Bruce Wayne, Spider or Superman
don’t start me up like all my start ups
when the beat drops im a Hasbro i’m Prime like Optimus

This is nerdcore rap, it’s music not made for millennials,
they don’t carry backpacks, calculators, or pencils,
i don’t use an iPad i run Linux on Amstrad
spottin’ chemistry mistakes while watching breaking bad

i collect vinyl, i’m retro kinda cool,
i’m the guy doing calculus while hunnies dip in the pool
never missed a day in school
that was my golden rule, never act a fool kids at school were always so cruel

bowt to drop an N S F W – N F T
so they feature me as a white corny rapper on B E T
my sexual experience is knowledge limited to playing RPGs
I catch more Pokémon then your mum has got STDs


More info:

6 Unique Audio-Visual NFTs, a conceptual collaborative NFT art series exclusively between ŁOŁ and Beatrice Von Millhouse.

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🌐About the project:

This collection limited to 6 NFTs. The description of each piece has been generated by own coded twitter NFT idea bot, which dictates how the final art piece should look and sound by describing the scene, aesthetic and music type. We, the human elements, then fulfil its requirements


All audio has been created and produced by Łoł using an array of DAWs, instruments, and self-invented decision processes


Beatrice Von Millhouse the visual artist works with machine learning, A.I. algorithms, open source tools and data sets. Through her own refined process, Beatrice Von Millhouse creates these unique looking animations.


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Łoł are: Victor Konieczny & Amit Rai Sharma
All music randomly composed, written, & arranged by Łoł

All music purposely engineered, mixed, and mastered by Łoł

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